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Does your business need assistance with learning more about Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest Marketing to gain new clients, increase repeat customers, improve customers relations and discover new product offerings?

Would you like to gain hundreds of new customers and a larger audience faster than traditional methods?

Would you like to have a faster pace of business growth?

Restaurant owner looking to increase sales?

Retail owner looking to gain new customers?

Small Business Owner looking to cut costs?

Entrepreneur wanting to manage multiple locations more efficiently?

There are literally over 100 social media sites, but it can be a jungle understanding what social media sites work for your business, local area and industry.

There are also numerous social media management tools to assist with management and development.

It will be different for every entrepreneur or small business owner based on a variety of factors.

Having a social media consultant that has experience in actually getting companies to #1 organic rankings in a cost-effective manner as well as  working in management and growing companies to top 100 companies by increasing sales to 000,000. More importantly looking at your business from an outside perspective and see opportunities that will actually help increase sales, customers and reduce costs will be valuable to your company in the long run.

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Small Business App Development 

Do you want to improve time management and communication opportunities as a small business owner or entrepreneur.

Imagine having an app for your restaurant, retail store or online service organization.

An app that could organize people to your blog, newsletter, subscription, coupons, menu, story, online payment systems, social media communication tools, payment systems and software systems to save you time, money and operate multiple locations with increasing ease and expertise.


Shoaib Hasan, B.Comm.
App Development Consultant

Experienced App Developer for Small Businesses in Alberta. He has assisted restaurant owners, educational institutions and small business owners.

Shoaib has been featured on BNN and CBC. Educated with a business degree from MRU he is also a self-taught software developer.

He is an inventor at heart with a passion for helping small business owners grow their business online with new and advancing technologies that save business owners time and money while improving their marketing reach.

For more information contact
Shoaib Hasan at 403-891-5851 in Alberta
or 604-338-6719 in BC.

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